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Here are a few of my favorite pictures from places I've visited, pictures of my friends, and my dog Max. Also, my dog Maddox who passed away.


This is me and a statue of Bart Simpson. My Aunt Becca and I were lucky to meet the creator of the Simpsons early on Sunday morning!

Me and Bart Simpson

This is me and Pikachu. I liked to play battle at the Pokemon booth every day at Comic Con.

Me and Pikachu

This is KON from one of my favorite Japanese cartoons, BLEACH! My mom had to take this picture really quickly cause everyone wanted a picture with him.

Me and KON

This was during a break at Comic Con. We were tired from all the walking. Oh yea, and the hotdogs were good!


Fishing Trip

This is me with my friend Emilio. Our parents went on a fishing trip together.


Birthday party

My friends and I had fun at my birthday party! This is when we were lining up to hit the piñata.


This is me and my friend Emilio again.



Playing with my DS and watching tv. I don't know when this picture was taken cause my Aunt Becca took it.


My pets

This is my dog Max. He's two years old, and likes to play a lot.


This is my other dog Maddox. He passed away last November because he got sick. I'm still sad, and miss him a lot.